Marla. Maryland. 21. Lesbian.



My girlfriend is such a fucking cutie ugh i’m way too in love with this babe 😍😍 (at Central Park In Manhattan)

You two are such a beautiful couple it is unbelievable.

and you are such a beautiful person 😚
My girlfriend made fun of me for this selfie so naturally I’m gonna post it 💁
My little bug ☺🐞

My hands
As brushes painting a canvas on your frame
Expressing how much I want you to stay
Line up the structure
Embody the curves
I’m pulling you into me
Trying to touch your soul
Permanent as stained paint on my clothes
Forever, tell me you’ll stay.

Lips red like lipstick 💋💨
eyebrow game onehunny
The boo thang and I under some pretty lights 💫💕
Trill ass b!tch

You presented your kiss to me like something of devils
Saying, “touch softly or it might scar you”
For hours, after contemplating the complication of which you phrased those words, only one thing came to mind
Beauty is of fragile coincidences
Stitched from the very day you realized you are more than what your father did
You are more than the one who sucked your air and cleaned the blood from your knuckles
You are more than ten handfuls of bad things
To me, you can be my everything
And that kiss can kill me until I am whole
Lying on the bed screaming for another
Because with that one devils kiss, it reflects upon a beautiful remembrance.

Artistic hearts will either dispose of you like unwanted pieces or paint you as a canvas on display for all to see.

Take me back to Brooklyn 😔 #randomstadium

It’s honestly crazy how one person can become your entire world. Without thinking about it, in one blink, everything changes and the only thing you plan on ever again in your existence is making sure that one person is happy and secure. Making them feel good is more satisfying and meaningful than anything you could ever fulfill.

I’m trying to begin this post with something meaningful that could possibly be easily relatable but my mind is in knots, constantly tying tighter as each second passes, it’s hard to even portray the correct emotions as it progresses. Venting on a blog, where no one knows really anything about you is semi comforting in some weird form.. There aren’t any boundaries as to which I might cross if I were to say certain things to people in my life. I guess in a way it’s a relieving feeling. I think everyone has a line that they could cross at some point, but choose not to, and lately I find myself crossing that line. I can’t control my emotions. I say things on impulse that I do not mean… And all of these negative pulses are what I have been trying to prevent. Easier said than done, I suppose. Feeling rooted emotions are better than no emotions and that is what I’ve been trying to relay to myself. Maybe in some sort an answer could be easily given to all of these feelings, but at the same time, the long drawn out wait and fight are what could possibly make it worth it.