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doc martens pascal boot (the classic eight-eye) now comes in a reproduction of the right panel of heironymus bosch’s garden of earthly delights 

omfg i need these in my life…. not even to wear but to put on display bc wow 😍
Q: What's your take on mental disorders?

you’re going to have to elaborate more on that… obviously i believe they exist, but i’m not sure i understand the exact question..?

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My girlfriend is such a fucking cutie ugh i’m way too in love with this babe 😍😍 (at Central Park In Manhattan)

You two are such a beautiful couple it is unbelievable.

and you are such a beautiful person 😚
"   I thought I knew everything
about you
until I discovered
the razor straight
cocaine laced
invisible scars
in the nooks of your canvas
and I just don’t have the guts
to ask
how you could ever hate yourself
so much.   "
-Michelle K., November 2012. (via michellekpoems)

I’m intrigued by passion. The way it makes a person feel… The way it makes them act. It’s all so interesting to me.
I want to know what you think about when you see something that links onto your soul. I don’t want the run around explanation. I have time, tell me everything. I promise it won’t bore me. See, I really want to memorize what you want the most, so I know what it is I seek to give you. Unfold with me. Melt with me. You’re worth every second of my time. I will never rush you. I understand this takes time, love. It should not be a race of expectant time. I will be here. For as long as forever allows. I will love you, cherish you, admire you. These are my untied words, never to be forgotten or changed. Always.


Untitled (I told my therapist about you) (by dooce
Morning ritual 📰☕ #21goingon60 #help #kurtcobain
baby this will be our lives next summer when we go on our cross country roadtrip 😁😁